Mario Shultz-Poblete 

BEng(Civil Eng) MEng(Geotechnical Engineering)


Mario is a candidate geotechnical engineer with 3 years of design and analysis experience in rail and road geotechnics. He holds a Bachelors and Master’s degree with distinction in Civil (Geotechnical) Engineering from the University of Pretoria. While his Masters focused on advanced geotechnics in rail, his first year at GaGE Consulting gave him broad exposure to various geotechnical problems including retaining wall and foundation design.

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Summary of Credentials

Summary of Credentials


South African






Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), 

 Master of Engineering (Geotechnical),


Advanced geomechanics and Slope Stability Analysis,

Unsaturated Soil Testing and Analysis,

Railway Embankment and Formation Design,

Geotechnical Engineering,

Foundation Engineering,

Retaining wall design,

Mechanically Stabilised Earth Walls,

Pile design and analysis,

Practical Research,

Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD).


South Africa

Throughout his time as a research assistant at the University of Pretoria and consulting engineer, he has focused on continuing research and implementing research innovations in practice. Mario has published in journals, conferences and magazines on the topic of incorporating unsaturated soil theory into design and continues to pursue advancement and collaboration with fellow researchers in that field.


His time as a research assistant at the University of Pretoria focused on developing critical research and testing skills, while at GaGE Consulting he has focused on improving his analytical and site investigation skills with a strong theoretical soil mechanics background. The different projects he has been involved in has exposed him to various aspects of the geotechnical engineering field, and he has developed the appropriate skills accordingly. His primary analytical skills are in Finite Element Modelling and Slope Stability Modelling of various problems

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