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Brendon Jones

BSc MSc PhD (Eng. Geology) PrSciNat MSAIEG

Brendon is a professionally registered engineering geologist with over 8 years of experience in ground engineering and engineering geology; geotechnical investigations; rock engineering; tunnel assessments; slope stability assessment; and railway/ highway geotechnics. Brendon has a strong research and academic background, being the author of several articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and as chapters in books, as well as presenting his findings at numerous international conferences. 

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Summary of Credentials

Summary of Credentials


Principal Engineering Geologist


South African






Professional Natural Scientist, PrSciNat

Doctor of Philosophy (Eng. Geology)

Master of Science (Engineering Geology)

Bachelor of Science (Geological Sciences)

Member SAIEG


Geotechnical investigations,

Dolomite investigation and risk assessment

Field investigation techniques and supervision,

Engineering Geology and field mapping 


Ground water flow for tunnels and dams

Township Establishment,

Materials utilisation and aggregates, 


Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa

Brendon’s principal focus is on the geotechnical characterisation of soil, rock and groundwater; the development of geological and hydrogeological models; the interpretation and analysis of ground conditions; and the application thereof within complex multi-disciplinary civil and structural engineering projects.  His abilities to understand complex geological process occurring over many billions of years enables him to develop accurate analysis of earth material, ground risk and ground variability.

Brendon has been involved in numerous investigations, analyses, designs and reporting for projects throughout Southern Africa. He was extensively involved in the investigations undertaken for the N3 upgrade, between Paradise Valley and Ashburton; undertaking logging, drilling supervision, and contracts management for various sections of this planned 50km long, 10-lane freeway widening. 

One of the more challenging sections was at Mariannhill, where the steep topography results in a number of deep cuts, high retaining walls and large viaducts. Extensive investigations were undertaken, and Brendon was responsible for overseeing some 6 000 m of core drilling, geophysical investigations (ERI, seismic refraction, CSW), and specialist in-situtesting (Menard Pressuremeter). He was responsible for developing the geotechnical model for the Mhlatuzana viaduct, which is characterised by a complex geology and sequence of faulting that results in highly variable and difficult foundation conditions.

Brendon’s early experience was as a site geologist for the detailed design phase of a large multinational railway project.  Since then, Brendon has been involved in investigations for infrastructure that includes: pipelines; reservoirs; road centrelines; multi-storey structures; housing developments; and slope stability. He has also undertaken numerous dolomite stability investigations. 

Brendon completed his Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Geology at the University of Pretoria, with research contributing to the implications of variably saturated flow in discrete open discontinuities during Lugeon testing, using geotechnical centrifuge modelling.  His findings have application in rock mass permeability appraisals for both dam and tunnelling projects


Key Projects

Upgrade of N3 between Paradise Valley, Mariannhill and Hammarsdale, Durban, S.AFRICA (2017-18)

South African Road Agency SOC Ltd (SANRAL)

Engineers Representative and Specialist Engineering Geologist– The project involved the widening and upgrade of the National Route 3 between Paradise Valley (Section 1, km 17.5) and Hammarsdale (Section 2, km 8.1). Geotechnical works comprised the investigation, and design of cut and fill retaining walls, soil and rock slopes, structure abutments, and pile foundations to several bridges.As the Engineers Representative on site, Brendon was responsible for all aspects of the geotechnical investigations and design including overseeing and managing the drilling contracts, checking and reviewing logging, laboratory testing, specialist in-situ testing, geophysical testing as well as the production of the factual geotechnical report.  He was also involved in the design and analysis of slopes, as well as cut and fill retaining walls.  He was responsible for developing the geotechnical model for the widening of the 75 m-high Mhlatuzana viaduct, which is characterised by a complex geology resulting in highly variable foundation conditions. Firm Fee: US$0.3million (2016).

Van Reenen’s Pass Feasibility Study, KwaZulu Natal, S.AFRICA (2017)

South African Road Agency SOC Ltd (SANRAL)

Specialist Engineering Geologist The project included the geotechnical investigation and evaluation of the feasibility for a potential alternative route for the N3 near Van Reenen.  The route includes very deep excavations, tunnels (drill-and-blast and cut-and-cover) and several large bridges and viaducts. Brendon, was responsible for the geotechnical investigation, including the supervision of drilling, undertaking the logging of core, assessment of material utilisation, rock mass characterisation, as well as the design and analysis of the slopes and tunnels along the route.  Fee: US$0.1Million (2017).

Gautrain Rapid Rail Phase 2 Network Extensions, SOUTH AFRICA (2016)

Gautrain Management Agency

Engineering Geologist – The project involved a desk study of engineering geological, geotechnical engineering and tunnelling conditions affecting some 150km of proposed network extensions for the Gautrain, as part of the phase 2 feasibility study. This included studies of undermining and a detailed dolomite risk assessment on the Naledi (Soweto) to Mamelodi Section.  

Brendon was responsible for leading a team of four engineering geologists who reviewed over 5000 dolomite reports and developed a dolomite risk hazard map for sections of the route over dolomite. Additionally he completed desk study reports and ground engineering risk assessments for various sections of the route. Fee: US$1.5Million.

Mtentu and Msikaba Bridges, Wild Coast, SOUTH AFRICA (2016)

Client: South African Road Agency Limited

Engineering Geologist Specialist– The project involved the identification and investigation of potential aggregate sources for the proposed Msikaba and Mtentu bridges, which will be South Africa’s two largest bridges, and form part of the proposed Wild Coast Highway which significantly improve access and  economic conditions for people living in the poorest part of South Africa.

Brendon was responsible for undertaking a detailed desk study of published sources with regards to the use of tillite as an aggregate source and critically reviewing the investigations undertaken during the feasibility stage of the project. This input formed the basis for the planning and further investigation of material sources. He was furthermore responsible for reviewing the borehole logs and assisting in the preparation of the final geotechnical report.

Moatize to Nacala Railway Expansion, MOZAMBIQUE/MALAWI (2011-12)

Client: Vale Moçambique Limitada / Aurecon

Project Engineering Geologist –The project included the geotechnical investigation for the detail design phase (FEL4) of the coal railway line between Moatize and the Port of Nacala, including investigations for cuttings, fills, bridges, and facilities along the centreline. Working  as part of a large team for this major project Brendon was responsible for aspects of the geotechnical investigations which including; supervision of on-site testing (SPT and Shelby-tube sampling of soil, as well as WPT in rock); borehole core logging; core sampling; inclined core orientation; StereoCore PhotoLog; intensive surface and structural mapping; test pit profiling; soil sampling; and the production of the factual geotechnical reports along the route.

Northern Aqueduct Pipeline Project, SOUTH AFRICA (2011)

Client: Knight Piésold / Naidu Consulting

Engineering Geologist –Geotechnical investigation for a large diameter feeder pipeline from the western aqueduct connecting the reservoirs of Durban.  Brendon worked as part of a large team, with project specific responsibilities including: planning of the site investigation for portions of the pipeline route; soil profiling of excavated trial pits; supervision of on-site testing (DPL), soil sampling; materials classification from laboratory results; and preparation of geotechnical reports including the recommendations of materials usage and excavation of materials along the pipeline

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Technical Publications

Jones B.R., Brouwers L.B., van Tonder W.D., and Dippenaar M.A. (2017) Assessing geotechnical centrifuge modelling in addressing variably saturated flow in soil and fractured rock. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, doi.org/10.1007/s11356-016-8333-2

Jones, B.R., Jacobsz, S.W., and Van Rooy, J.L. (2016) A qualitative model study on the effect of geosynthetic foundation reinforcement in sand overlying very soft clay, Journal of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering, vol. 58 (2), pp 25-34, doi.org/10.17159/2309-8775/2016/v58n2a3

Jones B.R., Van Rooy, J.L., Dippenaar M.A., Brouwers L.B., Roux, J.I., Joubert, A., and Segole, K.P. (2016) Advances in the Understanding of Variably Saturated Fracture Flow, Water Research Commision (WRC) Report, Project K5/2326, Pretoria.

Greet, A.J., Jones, B. R., and Hingston, E. D.C. (2015). Geotechnical Characterisation and Stability Assessment of Two Pitwall Slopes at a Large Aggregate Quarry, Durban, South Africa. Engineering Geology for Society and Territory - Volume 2 Chapter 177. Springer International Publishing. Switzerland, doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-09057-3_177

Jones, B. R., and Van Rooy, J. L. (2014). Behaviour of a Thin Compressible Clay Horizon Under Geogrid Reinforced Sand with a Wide Platform Load. Engineering Geology for Society and Territory - Volume 4 Chapter 10. Springer International Publishing. Switzerland, doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-08660-6_10

Naidoo, K., Jones, B.R., and Hingston, E.D.C. (2011) Deterministic stability analysis of a rehabilitated pit wall slope at Coedmore Quarry, Durban, Harmonising Rock Engineering and the Environment. Proceedings of the 12th ISRM International Congress on Rock Mechanics, 12th ISRM Congress, Taylor & Francis, London, doi.org/10.1201/b11646-368

Jones, B.R., Hingston, E.D.C., and Naidoo, K. (2011) Evaluation of the stability of a rehabilitated pit wall slope at Coedmore Quarry, Durban, South Africa, Proceedings of Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference, 31 August, 1 & 2 September 2011, Berg-en-Dal Restcamp, Kruger National Park, Young Geotechnical Engineers, SAICE Geotechnical Division, pp 272-281.

Katlego Segole


Completed masters degree in engineering geology at the University of Pretoria from 2014 to 2016 and assisted as a stand-in lecturer and tutor during this period. Since Jan 2017 has been supervising the geotechnical and drilling investigation of the N3 Keyridge realignment.